Where and how to cast your vote in the 2019 European elections?

EU citizens are increasingly moving and residing in other Member States. If you are an EU national resident in another EU country, you have the right to vote and stand as a candidate in European Parliament elections in that country. As an EU national, you will be voting under the same conditions as nationals of the country where you are resident; however, only few citizen take advantage of this possibility, mainly because of the language barrier and some practical impediments - registering, having the right documents, respecting deadlines...

But hey, shouldn't be voting a little easier? Spaceu2019's first pillar gives you exactly this: all the information you need to vote next May, either in your country of residence or citizenship, both in English and the official language(s) of your country. And if you are a citizen living in your own country, do not worry: we have every information for you too!

...Are you also interested in knowing which is your best party in the EP elections?
Our second pillar gives the answer to this too: click the button below and find out!
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